Caltec’s Successful Trials with Major NOC in the Middle East

October 2015

Caltec’s core technologies field trials hailed as success in multiple sites in the Middle East with a major NOC.

Boosting Production from Low Pressure Oil Wells

Caltec’s patented production boosting system known as WELLCOM™ Oil (WO) was successful in boosting production from a low producing oil well and in reviving a dead oil well that had not been flowing for 10 years. The client had previously tried to revive the dead well but without success. The WO system used readily existing energy from a high pressure oil well to reduce the back pressure (FWHP) on the selected LP oil wells and boost the fluids to the production manifold.

WELLCOM™ system innovatively combines Caltec’s Surface Jet Pumps (SJP’s) and patented novel compact, inline cyclonic separator technologies to provide a cost effective and simpler method for boosting production (multi-phase pumping) from oil wells. Surface Jet Pumps (SJPs) are simple, low cost, passive devices that use a high pressure (HP) fluid as the motive force to boost the pressure of the LP stream and deliver it for processing. Advantages of using SJPs with compact separators include no moving parts, zero maintenance, zero power or fuel gas usage, small footprint and varying layout configurations. They are well suited to changes in process conditions, liquids or solids ingestion and variations in gas volume fraction (without affecting performance).

The results from the trial exceeded all expectations. Benefits to the client included incremental production, avoiding preventing costly well intervention or using large, power hungry multi-phase pumps.

Caltec’s SJP technology has also successfully revived several of the clients liquid loaded or "dead" LP gas wells.

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