Production Process Enhancement Solutions

Caltec solutions can minimise OPEX, reduce weight, rescue stranded reserves and boost your production.

  • Minimum Footprint
  • No Moving Parts
  • Fit and Forget
  • Low Maintenance
  • Green Technology Solutiions
  • Delivery
  • Space and Weight Constraints
  • Zero Energy
  • Long Term Solutions
  • Rapid Payback

Innovative, low cost solutions for compressor replacement, prevention of well back out, deliquification of gas wells, flare gas management and bulk separation needs.

Simplicity, a deep knowledge of thermodynamic principles and utilisation of energy sources already available in your process flow underlies all Caltec technology.

Caltec Video image

Examples, both real and virtual, of Caltec solutions being used to optimise production around the world and across the upstream and midstream sectors.

Our patented surface jet pump and compact separation technologies are safely in use all over the world – our Unique Designs and Applications can boost oil and gas production, reduce emissions, and pay back investment costs in a short period of time with very low risk.

Our Technology is passive: it has no moving parts, and requires simple controls or maintenance. The art is in the science: the laws of mathematics and physics work in harmony inside our patented designs which can be applied or retrofitted almost anywhere for a broad range of efficiency gains.