About Caltec

Caltec is built on oil industry and scientific foundations: we have decades of experience in the development, application and operation of our solutions.

Caltec Production Solutions Ltd (Caltec) is an innovative technology company based in Milton Keynes, UK, which provides novel and cost effective solutions to multi-national clients in the Oil and Gas and petrochemical industries.

Caltec is the world leader in designing and supplying Surface Jet Pumps (ejectors/eductors) and compact separation technology to the Oil & Gas industry. With over 20 years’ experience, it has the world’s largest track record in this sector, with clients ranging from national/international oil and gas companies to independent operators worldwide. CPS has at its heart a team of highly experienced Surface Jet Pump specialists who are considered as the world’s experts in this field. CPS pioneered the introduction of its patented technology for single and multi-phase flow in production boosting from oil & gas wells and as well as for flare gas recovery. This has been endorsed by receiving several prestigious international awards/recognitions in this area. Caltec has also co-authored several technical papers with its clients and jointly presented them at various SPE conferences worldwide.

Two of our original founders - Sacha Sarshar and Dr Najam Beg – are still with the company, and between them they have more than 60 years’ experience. Sacha, Chief Technology Officer, has more than 40 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry, with extensive knowledge in the field as a production and well performance engineer and subsea processing. He is the patentee and co-patentee of 14 major patents related to surface jet pump technology and compact separation systems. Najam is the Technology Director with decades of experience in the field of petroleum engineering, multiphase flow metering, surface jet pump and separation technology, holding a number of patents and has authored and co-authored numerous technical papers on the subject. Both Sacha and Najam have won national and international awards for innovation.


Caltec specialises in Surface Jet Pump (SJP) and compact separation systems that harness energy from existing sources to boost production from oil and gas wells, extend economic field life of reservoirs, replace or de-bottleneck compressors and reduce environmental impact by recovering flared gas. The technology has been developed in house over a number of years from first principles, research and development work including CFD, as well as experience gained from many field applications.


Caltec’s capabilities include identifying opportunities in clients’ assets, data review, evaluation, process design, detailed engineering and supply of Surface jet Pumps (SJPs) and Compact Separation systems for both gas and multiphase oil applications. It also offers specialised knowledge in the design and application of various flow enhancement technologies. Caltec has been presenting this technology at various International conference and workshops and has co-authored several technical papers with its clients.

Awards and Recognition

Caltec’s innovative solutions have won prestigious international awards which include the UK Royal society Award and the USA World Oil award; our technology is also referenced in the gas industry (GPSA) standard handbook. Caltec’s has partnered with Aspentech and Petex (Petroleum Experts) to incorporate its calculation model in the world class HYSYS and GAP software.

Caltec Production Solutions Ltd was previously known as Caltec Ltd.

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