Minimum Footprint

Minimum Footprint - Caltec separation technology rolls formerly separate elements into a single package, enabling a highly efficient, scalable, cost-effective, small footprint separation solution.

No Moving Parts

No Moving Parts - With no moving parts and designed to pipeline code it does not require an operator.

Fit and Forget

Fit and Forget - The Wellcom Boost system does have any moving parts and there is a simple fit-and-forget solution.

Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance - I-SEP is a robust device needing little to no maintenance requirement.

Green Technology Solution

Green Technology Solution - The power requirement of the Wellcom Boost system uses a single phase pump for boosting the pressure of the liquid phase only.


Delivery - Using the Wellcom Boost system as an example the delivery times for multiphase pumps with prime movers (electric/ gas engine) is around 40 to 52 weeks.

Space and Weight Constraints

Space and Weight Constraints - MP pumps occupy a much larger space and their weight is more than that of the Wellcom Boost system. Weight and space are often restricted for many offshore platforms.

Zero Energy

Zero Energy - The Surface Jet Pump has zero energy consumption and utilises surplus or sometimes described as wasted energy.

Long Term Solution

Long Term Solution - A key benefit is that the SJP has reconfigurable internals, meaning that they can be changed if process conditions change and internals need replacing. Therefore the entire SJP does not have to be replaced.

Rapid Payback

Rapid Payback - The advantages of SJP technology is its ability to produce rapid payback compared to various alternative pressure boosting systems such as compressors, pumps or multi-phase pumps. Payback can be seen in as little as 10 days.

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