Caltec’s Recommendations Are Accepted

September 2022

Caltec’s recommendations are accepted for Capturing Flashed gas thus Reducing Unnecessary Gas Flaring.

I am pleased to say that after completion of a short study by Caltec for flashed gas capturing with Caltec’s Surface Jet Pumps (also known as SJP, Ejectors & Eductors) technology, on a Northsea offshore platform, the operator has accepted findings and selected Caltec’s SJP design for the sanctioned project.

The passive SJP will use already available excess high pressure gas from the process to capture unwanted gas before it goes to flaring stack.

This approach is used to eliminate an old compressor and save on local unwanted emissions and CO2 footprint. The high pressure gas is not consumed by the passive SJP technology, and it will remain within client’s processes. Caltec will also select a local fabricator for manufacturing of the unit.

For further information, on how this SJP technology could assist your processes, please feel free to contact me Dr Najam Beg or visit

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