Caltec Technology Enters Key Industry Reference Source

September 2022

Hot-off- the-Press: Caltec’s gas boosting passive Surface Jet Pump technology enters the ranks of gas compressors in a key industry reference source.

It gives me great pleasure to say that a key gas compression industry reference and training tool (COMPRESSORTECH2 SOURCING SUPPLEMENT 2022, USA) includes a section on Caltec’s passive gas boosting Surface Jet Pump (SJP) technology (lookout for pages 115 - 116, & with sole reference to Caltec’s work on page 124).

Surface Jet Pump is also known as Ejector, Eductor, Jet Compressor, Liquid-Jet Compressor etc depending on the area of its deployment. Currently, we are deploying our SJP technology to cut gas flaring, capturing local emissions and reducing CO2 footprint.

For further information, on how this SJP technology could assist your processes, please feel free to contact me Dr Najam Beg or visit

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