Meet us at the Flare Management and Reduction Summit

Flare Gas Presentation Abu Dhabi

October 2012

Caltec is an associate sponsor, exhibiting and presenting at the Flare Management and Reduction Summit, held at the Rocco Forte Hotel Abu Dhabi, from 14th-17th October 2012.

We will be presenting a paper at 11.30am on Summit Day 2, entitled:

“A novel approach to recover and boost flare gas by utilising surface jet pump technology”

As world leaders in surface jet pump (SJP) technology, Caltec has long experience of flare gas recovery using SJPs. Caltec is a process specialist, expert at identifying and implementing optimal solutions to improve flare management.

Sharing real-world case studies, the presentation will demonstrate multiple ways that an established, proven technology has been used in upstream oil and gas applications, taken to new levels of performance, and delivered on its promises.

"It’s about sharing technical, process knowledge of real-world oil-and-gas applications" said Syed Peeran, Process Manager at Caltec.

By attending this essential presentation, you will discover how SJPs:

  • Recover low pressure gas
  • Boost its pressure for return to the process stream
  • Reducing / eliminating emission of flared gas
  • Using available (often wasted) energy
  • Meet commercial and environmental objectives
  • Use HP gas or liquid to be the motive energy
  • Fast delivery compared with other solutions
  • Can raise the intake pressure of the compressor, deferring alternatives, such as re-wheeling

All this with a passive device, with no moving parts, and low maintenance, from oil-and-gas process specialists.

We look forward to seeing you in Abu Dhabi.

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