WELLCOM-Gas Systems for Boosting Hydrocarbon Production

WELLCOM utilises energy from high pressure wells to drive products from low pressure wells. It achieves higher production rates, increased recovery and revenue at a low cost.

Traditionally, products of different wells are manifolded by choking the high pressure wells or by restricting the low pressure wells to match production pressures. This practice restricts total production and revenue.

Please view our case studies of WELLCOM in action.


  • Increased revenue and asset value
  • Increased total production
  • Increased recovery
  • Improved production pressures for pipeline transport
  • Low-cost tie-in to existing infrastructure
  • Simple and reliable - no moving parts
  • Self-regulating - no active control
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Early production system - rapid payback.
Wellcome Gas

WELLCOM-Gas is a simple cost-effective and reliable system for increasing gas production by eliminating the back pressure effect on low pressure wells. It utilises a specially optimised Jet Pump system in which all components are simple and reliable, have no moving parts, and require no active control.

Production Boosting Services

  • Feasibility studies - gas and oil field applications
  • Field optimisation studies
  • System design using Caltec's validated software
  • Equipment supply, testing and validation

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WELLCOM is a registered Trade Mark of Caltec Limited, protected by patents worldwide. Caltec acknowledges EU Thermie support for WELLCOM field trials.