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Minimum Footprint

Minimum Footprint

Caltec separation technology rolls formerly separate elements into a single package, enabling a highly efficient, scalable, cost-effective, small footprint separation solution.

The oil and gas industry requires compact separators for a wide range of applications. Compact separators are desired because of a number of benefits they offer; examples being compactness, small footprint, having no moving parts, ability to design for high pressure wellhead applications. The Caltec I-SEP™ compact separator consists of a dual involute and generates high "g" forces to effect separation. It has a wider range of applications including gas-liquid separation, knock-out of liquid from wet gas, sand separation, well testing and clean-out, multiphase metering, and partial oil-water separation. In addition, the evolution of Caltec’s Surface Jet Pump is to the point that the technology is able to reduce the size and cost significantly compared to currently production boosting solutions. This game-changing technology will help redefine the need for a compressor and associated infrastructure in many gas processing and field life developments.

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