Collaboration Agreement with Petrofac

Collaboration Agreement with Petrofac

December 2007

Caltec has signed a collaboration agreement with Petrofac Facilities Management - the companies will work together to provide integrated production enhancement solutions, based on Caltec core technologies, custom designed to fit customers' specific needs, combining their respective skills, expertise, and technology.

Caltec is a technology company designing and deploying proprietary inline separation and boosting technology for technically challenging upstream applications, including offshore and subsea. Typical Caltec applications boost the production of late-life wells by 25-40%.

Caltec and Petrofac will work together to roll out the separation and production boosting technology, including:

  • Gas and multi-phase boosting
  • Gas-liquid separation
  • Stabilising of oil

Jim Atack, Strategic Development Director at Petrofac said:

"We are very excited by the possibilities in working with Caltec. In combination, we have the technology, the know-how and the experience to identify high-value applications, and then make them happen."

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