Reducing Gas Flaring Thus Reducing Harmful Emissions in Southern Africa

August 2022

We delighted to say that Caltec has been awarded a feasibility study to assess our Surface Jet Pump technology (also known as SJP, Ejectors & Eductors) for recovering flare gas in an offshore facility in Southern Africa. The SJP has to cope with flaring volume surging from 0.01 MMscf to 3 MMscf per day. Handling such flow fluctuation with Caltec’s SJP on the flare gas volume is not an issue.

The SJP will be powered by existing surplus high pressure gas from a second stage compressor. The high pressure gas used for the SJP is not consumed by the passive SJP technology, and it will remain within client’s processes.

The aim is to save on local unwanted emissions and CO2 footprint plus increase the life of existing flare stack infrastructure (for use in emergency flaring situation)

For further information, on how this SJP technology could assist your processes, please feel free to contact me Dr Najam Beg or visit

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