Surface Jet Pump

Increase production significantly and prolong the life of oil and gas fields.

Surface jet pumps (also known as Ejectors, Eductors, Jet Pumps and Velocity Spools) are devices that use the energy from a high-pressure fluid to boost the pressure of a low-pressure fluid to an intermediate level.

Our technology is available in all forms of pressure ratings and sizes to suit the application. They can fit onto existing flowlines or pipelines or can be incorporated into a skid to go onshore or offshore as appropriate. The size varies, depending on the flow rates of high-pressure and low-pressure fluids, ranging from one metre to several metres in length.

The Benefits of using our surface jet pump technology, as opposed to conventional pressure boosting systems such as compressors or multi-phase pumps, are multiple.

These advantages include the facts that:

  1. There are no moving parts requiring maintenance and upkeep
  2. The technology uses energy that would be otherwise wasted
  3. They are compact and light, and can be installed in tight spaces
  4. They are comparatively low-cost, have very low operating costs and payback is speedy
  5. They have zero emissions and low noise levels, contributing to your environmental goals
  6. Their performance is easily modified to suit different depleting well conditions
  7. They handle solids, two-phase flow and liquid slugs without damage
  8. They can be manufactured in a range of materials including corrosion- and abrasion-resistant ones.
  9. They lower the unit cost of oil and gas production.
  10. They have high turn-down on the lower pressure flows without disrupting the stability of the unit (useful for collecting unplanned excursions)

They are essentially pipe components so installation is straightforward, simple, low cost and low risk with minimal disruption and deferment. All of our Solutions are custom-designed to suit the process requirements of each application. This ensures that they are designed to achieve maximum operating efficiency. At Caltec, our process design is supported by CFD studies where appropriate. R&D test programmes and fundamental research have helped us to develop first principles and enhance operating efficiencies.

For a detailed explanation of these solutions, watch the Caltec Webinar.

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History of the Modern Jet Pump