Unexpected Use Is The Rule, Not The Exception!

July 2022

Unexpected use is the rule, not the exception when it comes to technological advances. This Surface Jet Pump technology – at the heart of which is what many of us may think of as a simple nozzle/venturi – lends weight to that rule.

Over centuries, the number of uses that nozzles and jet pumps are put to, demonstrates how one advance, whether in scientific theory or technology application, can have wide ranging consequences. Caltec (UK), applies its own surface jet pump (SJP) and compact separation expertise and solutions to reduce gas flaring and enhance oil and gas production from existing infrastructures. The technology itself is passive: it has no moving parts and does not create any emissions.

With the laws of mathematics and physics working in harmony inside patented international awards winning designs. Caltec (UK) has been working with most oil and gas majors to apply or retrofit these technologies for a broad range of applications efficiency gains.

The attached photo is of Dr Najam Beg with a unique designed Supersonic (Mach 3) nozzle operating in Caltec’s Surface Jet Pump helping client to get more production out of old gas wells in UK. For further information contact (Dr Najam Beg), or visit www.caltec.com

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