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Compact Separation

Minimise the size, weight and complexity of process facilities and installations. Separation at high pressure

Caltec has developed and patented our own I-SEP® compact separation technologies which can be used to separate two phases of differing density of liquids and/or solids. This is done in-line, and at the process operating pressure.

I-SEP® encourages the process fluid to rotate with a specially engineered involute. The rotating flow enhances the effect of gravity causing phases of different density to separate. Unlike hydrocyclones, in I-SEP® the fluid travels in the same axial direction where the sparse phase is collected by a vortex finder at the centre, and the liquid collected with an involute of similar design to the inlet. Due to the flow travelling in the same axial direction, the pressure drop is typically much less than a hydrocyclone performing over a larger separation envelope.

There are many advantages of I-SEP® - these include the following:

  1. Much smaller than a conventional gravity separator (of the same duty)
  2. Simple and reliable; minimal instrumentation required
  3. Performs in-line separation so can achieve higher pressure rating
  4. Reduced hydrocarbon inventory with minimal leak paths
  5. Typical pressure drop is less than 1 bar
  6. High turn-down ratio – up to 1:10
  7. Total separation is achievable in gas/liquid separator (ie: liquid free gas or gas free liquid)
  8. Reduced capex, opex and maintenance costs

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Compact Separation

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