Combining two flow streams with a simple tee can lead to serious flow assurance issues such as:

  • Weaker flow stream partially backed-out by stronger flow stream
  • Pressure losses
  • Backing-out of pump or compressor when combining gas and liquid streams
  • Inadequate mixing of the two flow streams
  • Ineffective friction reducer or corrosion inhibitor distribution
  • Failure of the tee due to localised turbulence induced erosion/corrosion1

Drawing on our SJP technology, fluid dynamics experience and specialised models, Caltec unique proprietary* flow commingling solutions overcome the issues caused by tees:

  • By using higher energy flow to create a drawdown on the low pressure stream, the backpressure imposed on the production stream is reduced
  • Flow turbulence and pressure loss across the junction is minimised
  • Differences in the pressure, flow rate, density or other properties of the two flow streams do not influence each other
  • Minimised erosion
  • Combine different phases i.e. gas, liquid and multiphase streams
  • Extended life for critical tees
  • Effective mixing

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